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Trying to Make Sense Out of Life

March 25, 2018 Speaker: Jason Whitley Series: Ecclesiastes: Live for God

Passage: Ecclesiastes 1:12–1:18

Have you made sense out of everything that has happened in your life? Can you arrange all of life’s issues - good and bad - and make sense of it all? If not, why not?

Why do certain things happen in our lives but not other things? Why do difficulties befall us? Why do some people have harder lives than us? In short, why does life not seem to add up? And, can we really figure out the puzzle of life?

As humans, we are wired to ask these questions and seek answers to them. Solomon had a similar fate and he tried to figure out life apart from God. To this end, he became an investigator. God’s inspired Word records Solomon’s actions and conclusions on this path.

Four Observations of Solomon’s Work

  1. Observe the king’s pursuit of making sense out of life. (Ecclesiastes 1:12,13)
  2. Accept your inability to make sense out of life. (Ecclesiastes 1:14-18)
  3. Recognize that only God can make sense out of life. (Ecclesiastes 1:13; Proverbs 13:15)
  4. Apply yourself to know Jesus Christ. (Colossians 2:2)

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